Big Success & Small Teams With Account-Based Marketing (ABM)


Account-Based Marketing(ABM) refers to B2B marketing where the sales and marketing teams work together on best-fit accounts and convert potential customers into clients. Although the traditional B2B marketing funnel takes a broad approach with the goal of capturing as many leads as possible, the funnel gets narrower towards the bottom resulting in few or no conversions. On the other hand, ABM challenges the traditional lead-based approach to marketing by identifying and targeting best-fit accounts that have the biggest revenue potential for your business.

In addition to the change in strategy, marketers use the latest tech tools to send personalized messages to potential customers and other leads on the channels they actively use. With more companies shifting to this form of marketing and aiming for decision-makers within high-value accounts, the sales cycle is also growing as compared to before.

Here are the benefits of ABM:

Aligned Sales & Marketing Teams

A marketing team plays an important role when it comes to sales processes. Hence, the first step for both teams is to identify and agree on key target accounts. The sales and marketing teams must focus on the same goals in order to work together harmoniously, ensuring that the company generates revenue.

Efficient Marketing Budget

With the traditional way of marketing, companies spend money first on acquiring as many leads as possible even before qualifying them and later determine if the leads are a fit or not. However, in the case of ABM, figuring out accounts that are best for your products or services before you go after them is far more cost-effective, and then spend your marketing money reaching them on platforms, such as across the web, on social media, at events, and so on, where they’re active.

Successful Conversations & Shorter Sales Cycle

Given that both teams are working towards the same goal. With ABM and targeted advertising, the sales team can easily reach the target audience and have successful conversations with buyers as they have already been exposed to the company’s messaging via the marketing team. As a result of right messaging in front of key decision-makers helps the business to speed up the sales cycle.

Improved Customer Experience

In today’s world, marketing is all about the customer. If your business is able to adapt to the changing dynamics of consumer demands then ABM is for you. Buyers don’t look for a sales call or a marketing email rather explore solutions that are meaningful and relevant.

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Shams Raza

Shams Raza manages the Marketing 2.0 Conference team and is passionate about keeping up with the latest advertising and social media trends. The upcoming edition of the Marketing 2.0 Conference will cover burning topics such as personalized marketing, the rise of fraud, scams, and spam in the advertising world, as well as the evolution of customer behavior in the post-pandemic era.