Effective SEO Tactics For 2022 & Beyond


Now that we are slowly moving to the post-pandemic era, how will the rules of marketing change? What strategies will digital marketers have to embrace to attract more visitors to their business websites?

As per experts at post-COVID marketing conferences in the USA, the first thing that digital marketers should do before the new year is to ensure that their websites adhere to the latest SEO best practices. Here is a hands-on guide on how you can attract more visitors to your website by tweaking your SEO strategy for 2022:

SEO Best Practices For 2022
  1. Pay attention to local SEO: Millions of people have become habituated to shopping online and staying indoors — behaviors largely triggered by the pandemic. Analysts predict that this trend will continue in 2022. A significant chunk of the population will prefer to look for businesses and amenities in their proximity.

To ride on the trend, ensure that you invest in giving your local SEO a major boost. This includes location-specific keywords, being listed on local directories, and more. That said, it would be foolish to think that people won’t travel long distances for their relaxation needs after being socially isolated for so long! If you are a digital marketer in the travel industry, don’t forget to ramp up your PPC efforts.

  1. Don’t stuff your web pages with excessive keywords: Google’s algorithms are getting smarter by the day which is why your SEO efforts will be nullified if you stuff your web pages with too many keywords! Google wants content that’s fresh, original, and relevant. It favors short sentences and pieces with a logical structure. Therefore, if you wish to crank up your website’s ranking, pay more attention to your content’s readability in 2022.

  1. Focus on accessibility: Did you know that Google pays attention to pages that abide by Web Content Accessibility Guidelines? That’s right. At the end of the day, its goal is to make information accessible and available to all and given that more and more people are going online, its focus on accessibility will only increase in the coming years. Therefore, make sure that you have ALT tags for images and also have voice-search enabled, if you have an e-commerce site. Similarly, structure your content well so that screen reading software can go through it and read it aloud easily. Experts at several marketing leaders summits in the USA also recommended choosing website colors carefully and ensuring that all your videos have appropriate subtitles.

  1. Make video-based content: In the age of Instagram reels and Tiktok, if you are not posting video content, you are definitely losing out on a lot of customers! Posting videos should no longer be an afterthought; in fact, in 2022, it must become an integral part of your SEO and marketing strategy. You can post informational videos about your products and solutions which will not only help your rankings but will also build customer loyalty in the long run.

These are a few top SEO tips that we collected from a few leading marketers. Want to know how you can enhance your marketing campaigns and strategies to cater to the changing expectations of consumers in 2022? Then the Marketing 2.0 Conference is where you need to be!


Ambika Gautam works with the Marketing 2.0 Conference’s team. The three-day conference will feature hyper-focused keynotes and panel discussions revolving around the future of marketing, advertising, and retail. Touching upon the latest trends and developments in marketing automation and e-commerce, the conference will also explore effective marketing strategies, how one can protect oneself against ads that promote fake schemes, scams detection, as well as fraud prevention in the digital space.