Effectiveness Of Manipulation In Marketing


There is no luck. Only good marketing. It is the delivery of products and services according to consumer needs. The purpose of marketing is to generate revenue for a brand by creating awareness and building a specific audience.

Why is marketing such a tough nut to crack? Human beings are perplexing, making it a little complex or sometimes, even manipulative. That's why marketing is an art, not a science. Manipulation is a tricky word, but it can be for good when it comes to marketing.

Psychologically, manipulation is the study or exploration of human behavior to use or influence it for a specific cause. As pointed out in the previous editions of the Marketing 2.0 Conference, government institutions, corporates, marketers, as well as online business owners have been doing this for ages to spread and convey the messages for a more significant reason. Fortunately, anyone can do it, and it means you and me too!

Now, what makes manipulation excellent and effective in marketing?

The art of marketing requires fulfilling the current demands of the consumers. But that’s not all there is. A marketer also has to show them the vision for their future needs and make them aspire for bigger, better things in life.

To give you an example, back in 3500 BCE, people were satisfied with primitive transportation methods. Later on, the invention and marketing of wheels became a boon for society.

It is the consequence of great marketing that companies like IBM, Apple, Microsoft, etc., have endlessly contributed to the development of technologies, thus, taking humankind to a different level of experience that everyone is taking advantage of.

Again, this isn't new. Big giants and legacy brands, such as Coca-Cola, have created its omnipresence by showcasing their products daily worldwide. Now, the human brain primarily operates upon the subconscious mind, where it stores a tremendous amount of information every day. This is why a vast audience is attached to the Coca-Cola brand. If we go by this, we will observe that no single vertical will be left where manipulation is not used.


In the modern concept of marketing, manipulation is inevitable. The best part is... you get to choose how you do it! What makes manipulation excellent or bad is the 'intentions.' Our intent to create something precious and helpful for the development of society determines whether we are using manipulation for good or bad.

Marketing without manipulation may drop the spirit with which businesses operate. However, what matters is how ethical you are while doing it. In this vein, Be Relevant, Be Omnipresent, and Be Intimate. Add a personal touch when reaching out to your consumers. When you tick these boxes, ethicality will no longer remain an issue. You will be able to successfully strike a chord with your audience.

So, what approach will you choose to manipulate your audience into taking the necessary actions they need for their development and for the growth of your business?