Guide To Video Marketing


Video marketing is one of the most growing content marketing trends of the decade. With the onset of digital transformations across industries, brands have also shifted to different means to advertise and market their products & services. It’s statistically proven that humans have short attention spans, which is why the brain processes visuals at a rate that’s way faster than text. Given the natural affinity, it is not surprising that videos are compelling to customers. In addition, over 87% of marketers claim that video increases traffic to their website, and hence, has a direct positive impact on sales.

It has become imperative for brands and influencers to use video marketing to engage with their audience and create video content on a budget that could result in the conversion of viewers into customers. Video marketing is not only easy to grab attention but also helps in simplifying complex concepts, increasing user understanding of products & services. It can be used in various ways, like standalone format, video with a piece of content(text), and share across different social platforms.

In addition to the benefits for the brands, the video also drives up consumer engagement. It is believed that people are likely to share video content with other people more than any other type of content. In other words, it can push meaningful traffic to your business. There are numerous benefits to this type of marketing. Some of them are as follows:

Increase Sales

Video content is potent at boosting conversion rate and eventually, sales because of the attention-grabbing visuals and the ability to answer users’ questions without them having to put those up! Often accompanied by audio, visuals substantially demystify product features as well as solutions. The video content directly appeals to the top-of-funnel audience curious about the particular product or concept. A majority of people claim that they have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

Simplify Complex Products

If a brand’s product is complex and uses clinical terms or jargon then marketers should prefer video marketing, making it easier for consumers to understand the concept as well as feel involved. With other ways of marketing, the target audience may struggle to understand product benefits and have a hard time connecting to it emotionally. In addition, marketers need to understand the target audience and their consumer behavior for customers to resonate with the brand or its products.

Show Expertise & Add Value

Video marketing not only pushes products and services to the target audience but also helps in educating, empowering, and adding value to the consumer base. For instance, sharing tutorial videos can attract different spectrums of consumers who might not know the product but will be aware of the brand while searching for something else.


It’s definitely not a cakewalk when starting out with video marketing, however, there are numerous opportunities for creative individuals and brands. It is the era of being ahead of time and consumers expect new age offers with changing industry landscapes. One of the most innovative ways for marketers to learn and get ahead of the competition is to invest in global marketing events, such as the Marketing 2.0 Conference. It provides a platform for key stakeholders to gain insights into the latest trends and devise solutions for challenges faced by the industry.


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