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How To Boost Your Online Presence | Marketing 2.0 Conference


Social media has dramatically changed the buyer’s persona. Marketing and advertising companies that once focused on traditional marketing have now shifted enormously towards digital platforms. People exploring these social media platforms for fun or entertainment now earn and run their businesses through them.

In this era where people refer to social media platforms for making even a small purchase, it’s necessary for all types of companies to have and maintain their online presence, grow their network, and connect with audiences.

While different social media platforms have different audiences, managing accounts might appear to be a terrifying task. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, we have some qualitative tips from notable advertisers and marketers who attended our advertising event of 2022 , the Marketing 2.0 Conference . Let’s dive deeper into these quick tips to help maintain and upscale your social media presence.

Quick Tips To Upscale Your Social Media Presence, Suggested At Marketing 2.0 Conference’s Spring Edition
  • Design Your Strategy

    Different social media platforms entertain different audiences who demand additional content. It becomes time-consuming and tiring for businesses to create content that aligns best with their diverse audiences. Sometimes it becomes challenging to keep up with the demands of the audiences. To address this issue, various marketers and advertisers highlighted the importance of strategizing and planning your content at the best marketing conferences of 2022. One can consider the reasons for using a particular platform, the target audience, what brand message you are sending out, and what type of content works best for you while planning your content.

  • Stay Consistent

    Consistency is another crucial factor that helps in boosting your online presence. Let’s discuss a few ways suggested at the Marketing 2.0 Conference by which you can stay consistent with your online content.

  1. Creating a content calendar for each platform to track the posting.
  2. Persist in your brand image, message, hashtags, and posting frequency.
  3. Focus on quality content over quantity, especially if your business is new to social media.
  • Create Interactive Content

    While much content is available on social media, work on creating excellent and engaging content to boost your brand awareness and reputation. Nothing matters more than your content, as underlined at many advertising events in 2022. For creating such interactive content, you can try the following ways.

  1. If anything seems newsworthy, don’t hesitate to create content around it.
  2. Use images, videos, and gifs, and if possible, involve your team.
  3. Storytelling is another creative way to convey your message to the audience.
  4. Creating content around the latest trends and staying updated is a social media strategy.
  • Boost Audience’s Engagement

    One of the primary purposes of social media presence is connecting with the audience. One can bond with their potential or existing customers by replying to their messages, considering their feedback, live streaming, creating polls and quizzes, and posting content that starts a conversation.

  • Analyze Your Statistics

    While taking care of all the factors, don’t forget to track your analytics. Many marketers at the Marketing 2.0 Conference suggested that regular analysis of your likes, comments, and shares can help you figure out what your audience likes and does not. It will help you in creating your future content accordingly. As most of the apps provide you with the metrics, always spend some time evaluating the statistics of your previous posts.


These are the few ways content creators can raise their brand’s online presence. To explore more strategies and tools implemented by other global marketing and advertising leaders to promote and reach millions of people with their online engaging and interactive content, one can attend the upcoming advertising events of 2022, like the Marketing 2.0 Conference.

Sarika Gautam

Sarika is a team leader at the Marketing 2.0 Conference. Through an exciting line-up of speaker sessions, experts will shed light on innovative topics such as the future of marketing, advertising, and retail at the three-day event. They will also touch on developments in marketing automation and e-commerce, marketing scams/fraud and spam, among other issues concerning effective marketing strategies.