How Is Manipulation Used Ethically In Marketing? Learn From Marketing 2.0 Conference’s Panelists


In a world saturated with an influx of brands and services being promoted, consumers tend to find differentiators like authenticity as the primary factor when choosing between brands. This is where the concept of ethical marketing kicks in, which in essence, is a brand's ability to promote a product or service in a way that aligns with its values and morals.

Marketing 2.0 Conference, one of the top marketing events, emphasized in one of its panel discussions on the topic,"The Ethical Marketer: How To Use Manipulation For Good," how important it is to deliver on what your brand promises and showcases as its values. This can be a key factor in being a pioneer in your specific industry. Your audience who shares or abides by the same principles holds you up to an ethical standard, which your advertising and sales team work together to maintain efficiently.

Is Manipulation Ethical?

When it comes to using manipulation ethically as a marketing tool, Founder & CEO of Reputation House, Nikita Prokhorov said during the session," Using marketing every day is ethical," as he goes on to emphasize the fact that marketing every day to grow your brand is ethical, to both your brand value and consumers at the global platform of the Marketing 2.0 Conference's Dubai Edition. Choosing to use ethics positively or negatively is what differentiates your brand. "We make a living off our clients," said Nikita as he deconstructed his statement about all marketing being ethical.

"The key to ethical marketing is making sure your brand has value," stated Elza Malok, Founder & CEO at Blue Monarch Group. Ensuring your brand brings value to society and your consumers is key to ensuring that your marketing tactics follow the same principles.

Manipulation as a tactic does face its fair share of scrutiny as a marketing tool. However, Puja Damini, Client Success Manager at InboundSys Webgalay Pvt., in a panel discussion held at the Marketing 2.0 Conference, highlighted, "Manipulation is actually an integral part of marketing." Adding further, she explains how keeping a few key points in mind when ethically strategizing your marketing can benefit your brand's reputation, like-

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  • Making sure you do not overpromise and underdeliver as a brand
  • Authenticity in every piece of advertising you do is critical. Consumer trust is built upon credibility
  • Being omnipresent as a brand can keep you at the forefront of the market, creating a sense of urgency amongst your consumers.
Consumers Have Two Fears: Exploitation Of Their Trust And Insecurities

Marketing conferences shed light upon how there exists a very fine line between engaging consumer emotions beneficially and exploiting them and how crossing it eventually throws the consumers away from your brand. Customers tend to prefer having their emotions sympathized with rather than manipulated.

Effectively using your platform and keeping in mind your influence on a global level is an essential responsibility for brands. Puja also touches upon consumer anxiety when it comes to privacy issues. "As a marketer, you are obliged and responsible to make sure that you take care of data privacy & security," stated Puja.

Consumer-First Approach

Having a customer-first mindset can build a solid guideline for a brand when it comes to drawing out a marketing strategy. Using the global platform of the Marketing 2.0 Conference, Elza Malok, A big believer in this approach, stated, "From my perspective, I take the approach of what the client really wants and their intentions." "What do they actually want to do?" is an essential question, added Elza. Understanding your client's psychological and emotional approach & making sure they should be a priority.

Final Words From Marketing 2.0 Conference’s Panel Discussion

Although manipulation can be a sensitive topic, using it ethically and effectively as a marketing tool can separate your brand from competitors. Talking about marketing approaches' influence in today's world at the Marketing 2.0 Conference's Dubai Edition between December 16-18, 2022, Nikita stated, "People do what you tell them to do. Your friend encouraged you to buy a product, and you agreed because your friend would never lie to you. But maybe someone lied to your friend originally to sell them that product."

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