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Marketing 2.0 Conference Reviews Impact Of Programmatic Advertising On Targeting Potential Customers


Programmatic advertising uses automated technologies to purchase advertising space for a brand's campaign. This advertising method uses algorithms and data insights to serve ads to the right users at the right time on the right platform.

The advantages of programmatic advertising far outweigh those of traditional or manual digital advertising methods because it saves marketers time and is highly efficient and fast. Furthermore, the process gives advertisers excellent control and transparency over their advertising spending and performance. Marketing conferences in 2022, such as the Marketing 2.0 Conference, have dived deep into the benefits of programmatic advertising and why it is a must-have for brands. Some of the takeaways are:

Increased Transparency

Programmatic advertising provides advertisers with complete transparency, allowing them to track the exact websites where their advertisements are reaching as well as the audience profile viewing their advertisements. As a result, it provides advertisers with valuable insights that assist them in determining the efficacy of current campaigns and planning future campaigns. Furthermore, in real-time, brands can see any additional costs associated with ad space. Before the advent of programmatic advertising, advertisers had little information about their ads' placements and impact.

Automated Media Purchasing

Advertising was traditionally a time-intensive ordeal involving the purchase of ad space through agencies. Though this provided good results, it also made the marketer lose crucial time they could have been using to develop their business instead. However, programmatic advertising is primarily automated, allowing brands and marketers to place ads in all relevant spaces without requiring manual human intervention. In this type of advertising, AI-based algorithms do the heavy lifting for marketers. It has significantly reduced their task by decreasing the time while proving the method to be much more accurate and effective. Furthermore, programmatic advertising provides advertisers with an infinite supply of ad inventory across websites.

Optimization In Real-Time

Programmatic advertising is valuable to marketers to analyze campaign performance in real time and make changes during the live campaign to increase campaign ROI. Furthermore, they can expect significant results once marketers respond to real-time feedback on their movements and optimize their activity based on intelligence and insights. Thus, when it comes to programmatic advertising, brands can see what works best for them in real time and make quick fixes to keep the campaign on the right track. This is not an option with traditional advertising, where gathering advertising campaign results is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process, and the accuracy of the results is also questionable.

Significant Ability To Target

Marketers use programmatic advertising to reach out to potential customers who would be interested in their product or service. Brands can tailor their programmatic media purchasing strategies to demographics, location, purchase history, income, and user interests. Targeting the correct potential consumer increases the marketers' chances of campaign success.

Furthermore, programmatic advertising vastly expands the organization's audience reach, yielding significant results. And the ability to track display advertisements, their impressions, the audience who views them, and much more elevates this advertising method to the top of the list for marketers.

Reduce Waste

As reviewed at Marketing 2.0 Conference, because programmatic advertising is primarily data-driven, results in better targeting, and takes less time to implement than manual advertising, advertisers can spend their money only on the most relevant audiences who are more likely to buy their products. As programmatic advertising advances with new technology every day, brands are given greater control over who sees their campaigns, boosting efficiency and increasing profits.


As brands and marketers adopt a more data-driven approach to campaign execution, the importance of programmatic advertising has grown exponentially, and organizations of all sizes are lining up to reap its benefits. Experts at 2022’s marketing events will discuss more the impact of programmatic advertising on brands.

Jatin Kanojia

As a leader of the Marketing 2.0 Conference’s team, Jatin is passionate about topics related to marketing and sales. The conference's marketing professionals will dive deep into concepts such as digital marketing technology, evolving customer expectations, and fraud mitigation. He ensures attendees gain a lifetime of invaluable knowledge from some of the best minds in marketing and advertising by joining forces with industry leaders at this summit.