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Marketing 2.0 Conference Reviews The Top Six Reasons To Not Miss Its Winter Edition!


Every year, hundreds of top-tier CMOs and the world’s brightest marketing leaders gather at the Marketing 2.0 Conference to review, discuss and find solutions to a few of the most pressing issues the marketing industry faces today. Here are the top five reasons this conference should be on your priority list.

Finest international marketing professionals from around the world under one roof

Our conference hosts the top-most elite marketing leaders from the industry who have immensely contributed. It is one thing to want to take your business to the next level, and it is another to follow through and do it. That is why we put people on stage who have done it. You will hear the latest strategies, ideas, and insights from the keynote speakers and the exact roadmaps to follow them. You will also learn about rampant fraud and spam in the marketing industry. This upcoming marketing conference is your gateway to interact with the most successful brand builders and inspire you to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Keynote sessions and trend reviews by thought leaders and industry experts

One of the main highlights of the Marketing 2.0 Conference is the hyper-focused keynote sessions delivered by the world’s most renowned experts in marketing. Join this conference as we sit down with thought leaders, forecasters, and top marketing experts to analyze the benefits of emerging platforms and the tools and monetization strategies to supercharge growth and revenue generation in a world of digital transformation.

Networking opportunities with award-winning leaders

Just imagine being in the same room as the world’s foremost market leaders and most creative minds. You can meet them, learn from them, and build your network. Whether you have the next big launch planned or want to scale your existing business, thousands of attendees will prepare you for your next giant leap.

Spotlighting top talent

Every year, we recognize the contributions of our changemakers who have promoted innovations and created positive changes in the community through their efforts. This Recognition Session is held to honor the elitist group of marketers who have changed the course of the marketing industry through their continuous efforts. It is dedicated to recognizing individuals and organizations that have set the standard of excellence and produced remarkable results.

Defined actionable content to skyrocket your business growth

The Marketing 2.0 Conference is three full days of actionable marketing and proven strategic content from experts who have been at your place and have turned their businesses into multi-billion dollars. There are no ‘conceptual thoughts’ or ‘abstract strategies’ behind any of these sessions. Everything you hear at the Marketing 2.0 Conference is tested, proven techniques beyond any doubt to increase traffic, conversion and sales. You will also get a solid plan to tackle the latest marketing fraud and spam. You will leave this marketing conference with a plan, feeling motivated and action-oriented to achieve your marketing goals.

An excellent opportunity for exhibitors & sponsors

The Marketing 2.0 Conference is a powerful platform for entrepreneurs and business leaders. Engage with one another and benefit from the increased brand awareness of your organization. Exhibitors and sponsors will access registered media and press to cover and report on the latest trends and new products, services, and technologies unveiled at the conference. Various opportunities will be available to help increase visibility and drive traffic to the booth.

In an ever-shifting marketing landscape, staying relevant and practicing innovation and agility are paramount to gaining a competitive advantage and retaining a loyal audience. This winter, join the audience with expert creatives, agencies, and marketing growth hackers to exchange ideas, learn industry trends and develop partnerships.

Jatin Kanojia

Jatin Kanojia, a member of the Marketing 2.0 Conference’s organizing team, spends most of his time researching increased customer interactions since he is eager to learn about the most recent trends and advancements in the marketing sector. Marketing 2.0 Conference is focused on creating sessions full of learning opportunities by covering topics from the Internet of Things to AI reforming the advertising sector and fraud/scam mitigation tactics.