Top Content Marketing Trends in 2021


Witty marketing strategies are quite significant in making a business successful, especially while aiming for international exposure. It’s always a good time for entrepreneurs to think about new and effective marketing ideas. Content marketing has been an evergreen trend in the industry. With time, numerous businesses have recognized the power of content to bond and interact with consumers and are now adopting an approach with the publishers while promoting content marketing practices.

Here are some of the biggest content marketing trends you need to know about to further succeed in 2021:

Building content communities

In this digital era, with the rise of slack communities across social media and the focus on personalization in marketing during the pandemic, building content communities has been a push for the tech teams all year. Accordingly, building communities is considered as one of the biggest content marketing trends of 2021. Specifically, while content sharing and creation, these communities allow marketing teams to continue to expand their reach, even with fewer resources.

Going live with video

With fewer offline events in the past year, video content has become even more important and it’s here to stay for a long time. Videos are a quick and effective medium to communicate with your audience and convey your messages to the target consumers. End users want to learn quickly and get information about the trends, products, and services. One of the best ways to do so is with the help of video marketing.

Improving content experience

The rise of limitless information over the internet has led to extensive chaos among service providers as well consumers. Ever click on an article/video you want to read/look at and all you get to is a page filled with pop-ups and ad panels? It’s not ideal and most of the time you close out of the page without reading anything. One of the most important of the trends is improving content experience by providing quality content so that the user doesn’t leave with unsatisfactory information.

Focusing on products and services

Another content marketing trend experts expect is to continue with better focus on bottom-of-funnel content related to core offerings. It means more attention to content that leads to the customer’s final decision. It can further help with a better understanding of content ROI and makes it much easier to attribute content marketing directly to influenced revenue. Moreover, it supports the amazing work that other internal marketing teams produce.

Testing AI-powered copy

Content experts have been predicting the rise of AI in content marketing for years. Some of the AI tools are already in use to take data and create summaries, captions, and full blog posts. And now it has become widely available with the rise of the tech industry. Hence, the leaps in AI tech lately have some interesting things in store for marketers.

Doubling down on SEO

Keep these trends in mind while planning for your content marketing strategy. The bigger picture for marketers is to create high-quality content that does more for their business - without necessarily taking a lot of resources. With this, they can not only create better content but also achieve marketing objectives for years to come.