Transform Your Content From “Meh” To “Wow!” - A Guide


Worried about getting lost in the endless sea of content on the World Wide Web? Well, your fears are not really unfounded. According to a report, almost 7.5 million blog posts are published every day!

If you aspire to set your brand apart from the rest, you will have to walk the extra mile to make your web content more attention-worthy. You will need an extra “zing” and, of course, a robust understanding of the tenacious relationship between web content and search engines.

The Marketing 2.0 Conference’s 2022 editions will walk you through the success secrets of the best content experts who are redefining the rules of marketing with their compelling copies and authoritative blogs. We had a chat with them and have compiled their suggestions here just for you!

Here are two classic tips to make your content more delightful and helpful for your readers:

Write Relevant Content That Readers Want To Read

If you’re writing for a specific niche, prepare yourself to write about the same subjects differently. Your content should be informative and valuable, while also revolving around your organization’s solutions. That is how it will eventually be able to establish itself as an industry leader.

Let’s take the example of infections as a blog topic - this will always be a topic of conversation in the healthcare and wellness world. However, don’t expect that the blog you wrote in 2010 will still be relevant this year!

Dish out new content every now and then on this subject. But don’t be boring and repetitive; highlight new research, remedies, and prevention plans, especially during the seasons when people fall sick.

When it comes to web content, you can learn a lot about what actually works and what does not by attending marketing conferences in the USA. Also, we recommend that you keep an eye out for online buzz generated around specific industry topics. By doing this, you will easily come up with a lot of content ideas for your target audience.

Bonus tip:

Share info in different formats - blog posts, infographics, videos, etc. This way, you can reuse existing content when you’re facing writer’s block.

Have A Conversational Tone

No one wants to read paragraphs and paragraphs of text in this digital age. While writing, always remember that you cater to an online audience who read on the go and scan through content to find the information THEY seek.

The 21-st century reader lives in the age of Instagram reels and Snapchat stories. If you want to keep them engrossed, write easily consumable content that's broken up into small sections.

Speak “to” readers instead of speaking “at” them. Develop an ideal reader profile and write as though you are having a conversation with that person on the topic! Your “voice” will be directly associated with the brand, so it needs to sound approachable and bankable.

Bonus tip:

These are just a few starter tips to engage your audience while writing for your brand. If you are interested in exploring the world of content marketing and seek actionable insights from some of the top digital marketers, do check out our marketing leaders’ summit in 2022!