The marketing and advertising industry is largely responsible for sustaining the global consumer economy, ultimately resulting in business expansions, job creations, raising the standard of living, and triggering economic growth. Given that it is at the core of every profitable business, especially SMBs, many luminaries have directed their efforts towards driving growth in this industry.

Marketing 2.0 Conference lauds the outstanding work of these trailblazers who have been invited to our global stage to share their journey and their groundbreaking ideas. Our special recognition session is a small step to honor a few brands and pioneers who are relentlessly pushing the frontiers of innovation in the industry.

Honorees are entitled to the following benefits:
  •   Presented with a trophy before an international audience
  •   Live streaming of the recognition session
  •   Ample networking opportunities with industry experts
  •   Exclusive interviews and marketing deliverables.

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