A Testament To Marketing 2.0 Conference’s Authenticity— Our Pledge To Legitimacy

At Marketing 2.0 Conference, we want all our attendees to feel comfortable and confident in their decision to be a part of our gathering. That is why we go the extra mile to ensure your trust and peace of mind; when it comes to being an attendee, exhibitor, or sponsor. In light of the increasing prevalence of fraudulent activities in the events industry, we are considerate of any legitimate concerns you might have when attending any conference. Keeping in mind our guiding principles of transparency and authenticity, our team is dedicated to making this experience the best it can be for you.

Uniqueness In Every Detail

Our extraordinary selling propositions are what set us apart from the rest.

Diverse Opportunities Through Co-located Events

Diverse Opportunities
Through Co-located Events

Our method of orchestrating simultaneous events for various sectors, promotes collaboration across industries and creates fresh avenues for progress.


Tailored Support
For Your Success

We recognize the significance of your time and needs. Thus, we ensure each participant receives individualized attention to cater to their unique requirements.


Dream Locations
— Las Vegas & Dubai

We choose to host our events in two highly sought-after cities, Las Vegas in the West and Dubai in the East, providing an ideal blend of work and leisure.


Interactive Q&A

Each session comes with engaging Q&A segments, allowing direct interaction with speakers and the chance to seek clarifications.


Building Connections,
One Networking
Session At A Time

As event organizers, we prioritize nurturing strong connections with our patrons, placing emphasis on your success above the rest.


Embracing Legit

In the midst of hybrid event trends, we proudly uphold an entirely in-person format, fostering authentic connections and networking opportunities.



From initial registration to final check-in, throughout the three-day journey, we make your comfort and contentment a prime concern, providing top-tier care for our attendees.

Insightful Discussions Exploring Hot Topics

Engaging conversations and thought-provoking discussions about influential topics in the marketing realm are a cornerstone of our event. With distinguished authorities gracing the stage, our goal is to explore trending themes, including digital branding strategies, immersive advertisements, scam and fraud prevention, AI tools for brand recognition, and many burning topics of today.

Our Well-Established Track Record

Marketing 2.0 Conference has had a formidable presence in the events space for years, with industry-leading companies like Salesforce, Ogilvy, and Deloitte having graced our gatherings. These distinguished participants serve as a testament to our genuineness, and we aim to continue living up to our standards of excellence.

Past Participants


Reviews From Our Attendees

Our attendees speak highly of the value and impact of our conferences, and they appreciate the multitude of perspectives, fantastic connections, and collaboration opportunities we offer. We encourage you to go through the reviews shared by Marketing 2.0 Conference’s past attendees. Their feedback reflects our genuine dedication to delivering personalized attention and a superior experience in the industry.

Experience It In Person!

We sincerely invite you to Marketing 2.0 Conference – the perfect destination for marketing enthusiasts seeking to connect, learn, and thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Register now and join us on a remarkable journey filled with enriching experiences, networking, and marketing success!