Why Register As A Marketing 2.0 Conference Speaker?

Marketing trends are advancing and changing quickly today, and our dynamic marketing event captures them all. Here at Marketing 2.0 Conference, we give you an opportunity to present your innovative ideas and inspire others with your creativity. As a thought leader at our marketing summit in 2024, you’ll captivate industry experts from around the world and contribute to the industry's revolution. Moreover, being a speaker with us presents you with networking prospects, enabling you to connect with industry leaders in the field.

So, if you’ve been waiting for that one opportunity to express your views, we ask you – “What insights can you bring to the table?”

Your Voice

Showcase Your Expertise

Showcase Your

Do you believe that your ideas are so revolutionary that they can reshape the future of marketing. Make the audience believe in them and showcase your expertise to a keen group of listeners. This is your chance to express your insights with a room full of marketing innovators.

Lead Industry Discussions

Lead Industry

If your work can make a difference, this is your chance to act up! Digital marketing conferences like ours provide a platform to present your voice. Contribute to the sector's evolution by adding to ongoing trends in the industry.

Reach A Wide Audience

Reach A Wide

This is your chance to go global! Your ideas can strike a chord with attendees in search of expertise, and your influence can flow beyond the event through post-conference coverage and discussions.

Get Noticed As A Thought Leader

Get Noticed As
A Thought Leader

By speaking your views at Marketing 2.0 Conference, you can shape the future of the industry. Your perspectives can inspire others, question the status quo, and instigate imaginative solutions, upgrading the industry's standards.

Explore Our Topics Of Discussion

Marketing 2.0 Conference covers the most topical themes and trends that are highly prioritized by global marketing conferences and summits. Our Dubai and Las Vegas schedules are packed with exciting keynotes, panel discussions, and fireside chats that delve into stimulating topics like purpose-driven marketing, psychographic segmentation, SEO strategies, ChatGPT tips, and more!

Do you have a concept or an idea beyond our topics? We love original thinkers and would welcome your idea if it meets the scope of our themes.


What Are Our
Session Types?

We are highly committed to providing quality content on the most unique topics. We have an array of thought-provoking keynote sessions, interactive panel discussions, breakout sessions, and even lively Q&A exchanges. The cherry on top? We've aligned various networking opportunities for you so that you can meet like-minded thinkers. All of this creates a lively atmosphere for all our attendees, enabling a safe space to learn, share, and connect. This strategy upholds our conference's integrity and guarantees a rewarding experience for all participants and esteemed leaders in attendance.

Quality First — Content Vetting At Our Marketing Event In 2024

We have a meticulous content review & approval process in place to make the content presented relevant and valuable. By carefully curating the material shared on our platform, we aim to provide attendees with insightful, unbiased, and actionable insights that resonate with the marketing landscape. This process safeguards the integrity of our event and guarantees a meaningful experience for all participants.

How To Fastrack Your Speaking Request?

Forge A New Path:

Forge A New Path

Surpass the finest in the industry and present a brand-new idea. We can't wait to hear if you have a thought that might revolutionize the marketing industry. Use this opportunity as a means to create a path for yourself in the industry.

Industry-Wide Impact

Industry-Wide Impact

Think beyond the ordinary and show us how your insights can influence and inspire. Create an impact on the audience with a thought-packing idea.

Fresh Perspectives

Unveil the Unseen

Uncover exclusive content! Be it trailblazing concepts or the freshest updates, our marketing event is known for revealing the most recent and invaluable facets of marketing

Unveil the Unseen

Break Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Illuminating concepts are often accompanied by daunting questions. Display your mettle in handling counter-discussions. Our preferred speakers embrace open dialogues and intriguing conversational twists.

Remember, our choices hinge on content relevance, not personal biases. We respect your dedication and appreciate your understanding as we create a program that resonates with all enthusiasts.


Eager To Share Your Wisdom?

Enlist as a speaker and impart your insights, stir dialogues, and play a key role in shaping the future of marketing.

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