• How Can Retailers Adapt In This Ever-Changing World?


    | June 24, 2022

    The retail industry, which can never cease and is always ever-evolving, has been experiencing disruptions since the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Despite strict safety protocols and lockdowns, the retail sector has outperformed almost every industry and reached a global market worth $30 trillion.

    We are witnessing dynamic changes in consum.... Read More

  • How Imperfection Makes Your Business More Likeable


    | June 16, 2022

    Think about your favorite companies, brands, and products. What makes them so appealing? It’s not likely that they are perfect. In fact, in most cases, they are far from it. They might have one or two flaws that prevent them from being as good as they could be (or as good as their competition). But because these flaws exist, you can relate to th.... Read More

  • A Guide To Email Marketing Automation


    | June 15, 2022

    Email marketing automation is a plan in which marketers send triggered or timed promotional emails to their mailing list subscribers. It allows online marketers to send personalized messages to prospects and customers on a regular basis or when certain conditions are met.

    As examined at our previous marketing events, e.... Read More

  • Standing Out From The Competition: A Marketer’s Guide


    | June 03, 2022

    Your product or service might be a big deal for you, but is it for everybody? Keeping the answer in mind, marketers need to find ways to advertise their products before presenting them to the audience. As a marketer, you have to let the world know about your offerings and how they will benefit the users.

    So, here are quick questions m.... Read More

  • Effectiveness Of Manipulation In Marketing


    | May 26, 2022

    There is no luck. Only good marketing. It is the delivery of products and services according to consumer needs. The purpose of marketing is to generate revenue for a brand by creating awareness and building a specific audience.

    Why is marketing such a tough nut to crack? Human beings are perplexing, making it a little complex or someti.... Read More