Why Your Marketing Emails Are Going To Spam


A marketer’s worst nightmare is realizing that all their promotional emails and messages to prospects are being marked as spam! As talked about at top marketing conferences, this not only puts businesses at the risk of being flagged and reported by email service providers, but it also impacts the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

Being seen in the spam folder is not a good look for any brand that hopes to position itself as a bankable, trustworthy entity. In fact, it puts them right in the league of scammers who get hidden amidst spam by Gmail because their promotional tactics scream fraud!

In this blog, we will quickly review and list some of the reasons why your emails might be going into spam folders of prospective customers:

Mistake #1: You do not follow spam guidelines

There are laws in place to regulate the content of emails that are of a commercial nature. For instance, senders must clearly state the ways through which recipients can get off their mailing lists. Moreover, unsolicited emails may invite penalties as they are clearly in violation of the CAN-SPAM Act.

Mistake #2: Your subject lines sound fraudulent and deceptive

There are a few words that trigger the spam filters of email service providers such as Google. We are talking about things such as “Free Gift,” “90% Off,” “Double Your Cash,” which look suspicious at first glance. These are the tactics that scammers often use to get unsuspecting victims to click on links that take them to fake websites. Therefore, ensure that you give a concise description of what the email is about rather than using bombastic terms in the subject line.

Mistake #3: You do not proofread your emails

Too many spelling mistakes and grammatical errors might make the recipient believe that the recipient’s business is not a legitimate one, which is why they may mark it as spam. Also, did you know that poor formatting of your email content may also awaken the spam filters? That’s right. If you want to give your email open rates a boost, ensure that you offer information in chunks rather than through paragraphs. Also, don’t add too many links, emojis, exclamation marks, or images! The same goes for unsolicited attachments.

Mistake #4: You do not use spam checking tools

Many inexperienced marketers commit the mistake of not running their emails through spam checkers before sending them out. There are a wide variety of spam checking tools available online that you can use to test out your emails. These will help you know the markers that are causing your emails to be marked as spam. By using such safeguards to assess the quality of your promotional messages, you will be able to boost your chances of being seen by your prospects.


You can avoid the dreaded spam folder comfortably by keeping the above-mentioned points in mind. Want to boost the visibility and reach of your business? Know how to enhance your email marketing campaigns by learning from top marketing strategists at our upcoming conferences in Las Vegas and Dubai.


Ambika Gautam works with the Marketing 2.0 Conference’s team. The three-day conference will feature hyper-focused keynotes and panel discussions revolving around the future of marketing, advertising, and retail. Touching upon the latest trends and developments in marketing automation and e-commerce, the conference will also explore effective marketing strategies, how one can protect oneself against ads that promote fake schemes, scams detection, as well as fraud prevention in the digital space.