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How To Raise Brand Awareness And Drive Lead Generation


There has been a market trend of investing in lead generation campaigns, but now there has been a shift in this trend. However, most marketers invest in lead generation campaigns to boost their sales and revenue. The major drawback of this method is that even though the brand can gain enough income, it does not create any credibility and awareness among the people, ultimately leaving the brand behind in the long run. It was when brand awareness gained importance and popularity among individuals.

Highlighting this scenario, leading marketers and advertisers at 2022’s marketing events in Vegas focused on the benefits of investing in brand-related activity over complete lead generation campaigns. Many notable marketers even spot how branding can present the specific traits of a business before the potential customers and thus help them gain an edge over the competitors. Let's discuss the benefits one should consider investing in brand awareness and reputation management.

Benefits Of Investing In Brand Awareness
  • Boost In Sales

Because about 71% of consumers prefer to buy products or services from known brands, you are ultimately enhancing your sales and revenue by boosting your brand awareness. The more the brand's market share, the more awareness people have about that brand, thus more deals. Let your brand speak for itself is the mantra of modern-day marketing, underlined at the top marketing events in Vegas.

  • Connect With The Customers

Presenting your brand's values, missions, and goals, or your brand's story, will help you connect better with the customers. Nowadays, there is an increasing inclination towards the real stories of the brand and the owners. The critical step to connecting with people is by being genuine and authentic to them. Once you build a trusting relationship with the customers, they are not going anywhere unless you've done something wrong to them.

  • Gain Customers' Loyalty

The brand's emotional connection with the people can help them attain new heights and gain immense customer support in case of any mistakes. Statistics reveal that around 17% of customers deny relying on brands who commit blunders because of a lack of emotional connection. Whereas brands who have connected well with their customers usually don't go through such ignorance and are forgiven by people, as shared at 2022’s marketing events in Vegas.

  • Reach New Audience

One of the most discussed benefits of bonding and maintaining customer relationships is getting your marketers. Various CMOS at the Marketing 2.0 Conference revealed how connecting with their customers helped them reach new audiences. Word-of-mouth plays a crucial role in spreading the best features of your brand to others. Around 94% of people who are emotionally connected with a brand tend to tell more about it to their friends, families, and other known people. Again 20-50% of purchase decisions are made either by considering reviews or through referrals.

These are the few benefits discussed at top marketing events in Vegas that encourage businesses to focus on brand awareness. One can understand that by creating their brand's awareness, one can experience lead generation and sales of their products and services. One crucial tip shared at 2022 marketing events in Vegas is to consider the people's feedback and reviews to make needed changes to your products and services, and it will again build a positive image of your brands. To get more critical and relevant tips for marketing, one can attend the upcoming top marketing events in Vegas and Dubai, like Marketing 2.0 Conference.

Shams Raza

Shams Raza manages the Marketing 2.0 Conference team and is passionate about keeping up with the latest advertising and social media trends. The upcoming edition of the Marketing 2.0 Conference will cover burning topics such as personalized marketing, the rise of fraud, scams, and spam in the advertising world, as well as the evolution of customer behavior in the post-pandemic era.