• Ethical Manipulation In Marketing


    | September 01, 2022

    With companies and significant corporations going to great lengths to market their products and services, one might wonder if ethics are involved in determining what is fair and just. However, you might be surprised to learn that marketing ethics is not a myth; in fact, the term exists and has a significant meaning.

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  • Is Gated Content Still Relevant?


    | August 19, 2022

    "The question is whether to gate or not to gate." - This has been an ongoing debate for quite a long time. Whether you like it or not, gating content is at the heart of most B2B marketing strategies. However, numerous articles are circulating now urging B2B marketers to un-gate all of their content.

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  • Growing Focus On Customer Behavior


    | August 03, 2022

    About 80% of consumers expect a memorable experience from a brand or business along with their reliable products and services. Considering the expectations and behavior of the customers, conferences for marketing professionals highlight the importance of analyzing customer behavior.

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  • Don't Miss The Winter Edition: Marketing 2.0 Conference Returns With New Tips & Trends


    | July 29, 2022

    Marketing conferences are an essential part of the marketing & advertising industry, bringing together professionals to network and learn about the latest trends and innovations in their field.

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  • Why The Creator Economy Is A Millionaire-Making Machine


    | July 20, 2022

    In his 2011 book, “The Creator Economy,” author and marketer Paul Jarvis says the economy has shifted from being based on products to experiences and ideas, which he refers to as the creator economy. That shift, he says, means that anyone can start making real money by creating online content and selling it directly to their customers.

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